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  • My vote is for Kelli! She has helped shape Gemini into a wonderful young woman! Both in the gym & out! Kelli, you are fabulous! Thank you!!!
    Amy Roe
  • Coach Emily Reif. Not only I'd she experienced and talented gymnast, but she also is patient and loving to her students. She is also a great role model for the kids. She is committed to working hard and furthering her education.
    Tessa Nicholl
  • So many great ones (coaches)to choose from!!! Of right now I would have to say mrs Jenn for the little ones she is patient and kind but firm, and gets to know the different personalities of each child. Both my girls enjoy her!
  • Stephanie Crisi is our favorite coach because she has helped build Olivia's confidence and encourages her to always do her best!
    Lisa Dziedzic
  • Stephanie Crisi is Brooke's favorite coach. We started with gymnastics with Miss Lisa and her pure craziness, then her first team coach was Stephanie. Stephanie is kind and patient with the girls and from there on my daughter fell in love with gymnastics. You have to love it to be here 4 hours a day 4 days a week. All the coaches bring something different to the table. Thanks Stephanie for giving my daughter a love for the sport.
    Renee Scherer
  • All Downriver Gymnastics coaches cause they all work hard each every day with the kids/young adults! If they didn’t love the kids they wouldn’t be there and of the kids didn’t love them no one would've voted for them on channel 4 for best places!♡♥♡♥ love all you guys keep up the good work!

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  • Dear Ms. Kate, Lisa, and all our Downriver Gymnastics extended family: Thanks so much for your awesome efforts and in giving your summers to our kids! Carden and Brady are always well taken care of and happy to be there! We really appreciate all you do for the kids and the parents - you guys are the best! Thanks!
    The Young Family
  • Kelli--I wanted to let you know how pleased and proud we were to be from Downriver Gymnastics at last weekend's Prep Optional Meet in Rochester! Particularly notable is Coach Stephanie's leadership and expertise. She is such a wonderful and talented coach...always compassionate, approachable and professional. Her teaching skills and personality consistently bring out the best in the girls! She is a wonderful inspiration and role model for all. Congratulations on your outstanding facility and staff!
    Linda Helstowski
  • Just want to say a huge thank you to Coach Whitney and Coach Jermain Martinez for working so hard with my daughter! You guys are awesome!
    Christine Bearden Tsouris
  • Thank you so much for doing the Super Hero Training tonight! Cole had so much fun! When we walked out to the van he said "Mom, if they do this again next year, can I come?"
    Annette Allen
  • Thank you so much to Downriver Gymnastics, especially Lisa and Besa for making Connor and Jordan's first birthday a success!!! We were so crazy busy that day that I did not get to thank you enough! Lisa and Besa both kept the party on schedule and really helped entertain our older kids! Everyone had a blast! THANK YOU again Lisa and girls rock:)
    Katie Lasinskas
  • Coach Mike! He is a very familiar face around DG. He makes my daughter feel comfortable and gives her the extra push that she needs. We've had classes with him since she was about 5, now 7 years later she still chooses him for her private lessons. He is also very personable and is honest with the parents & kids as well.
    Christine Turner
  • Miss Jenn! She has that rare special gift you do not see very often with our young children. She is amazing with all the little ones, even the ones that are preoccupied with the big open space. She is patient, sweet, and makes each child feel special. She shows each child that she is so happy that they came to class. She cheers each child on as they accomplish every new task. She truly makes the little ones even more excited to come to gymnastics! My little Jenna absolutely loves her!
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